Month: February 2013

Church celebrating 150th anniversary supports the team

Ewyas Harold Baptist Church have been busy this year making a difference to local charities, and recently presented a cheque to the team for the sum of £575.Revd Matt Powell from the church contacted the team early in 2012 and made it clear the community wanted to work with a nearby group, “This year we are celebrating our 150th year of being a Baptist Church in the village, and as part of our work we run several fund-raising events. During 2012 we looked at several projects and decided that this money often gets absorbed into a national pot, and therefore doesn’t go directly to support local people. As such we thought Longtown MRT was a good way to make sure locally raised funds went to a locally based project”

Receiving the cheque from the church representative, Jenni Whistance, is Longtown MRT Chairman, Mike Jones, who commented, “We were honoured to be chosen as a local charity to receive funds from the work done by Ewyas Harold Baptist Church. Much of our activity involves local people, from a wide rural area, so this was a great way to feel a further connection with the wider community we serve.”

Entries for BBMC 2013

Entries have been open for a while and the event is filling up, which is great news.  One question we are sometimes asked is “how long will it be till I know I’ve got a place?”.  We endeavour to let people know as soon as we can,especially as we get nearer to the date of the event, so that you can make travel and accommodation plans and train in preparation for the event. However, the event is entirely organised by team members, most with full time jobs, as well as the training and operational commitments of being in a mountain rescue team.  We would therefore ask for your patience.  Whilst we will get back to you as soon as we can, during the busy period for entries, it may take up to 3-4 weeks before you will receive your paperwork. We are always looking at ways to improve the event and we are already looking at ways to speed up the registration process for future years