Double Callout!

🚨 Double Callout 🚑

The team had a busy Sunday with back to back call outs happening. The first, we were asked to assist with an incident on the Sugarloaf, by Gwent Police . A regular and experienced mountain walker had taken slip on the descent from the summit, resulting in a lower leg injury. By chance, a member of the team was on the hill enjoying an early run so was able to get to the casualty quickly and start providing shelter. This was crucial as yesterday was an exceptionally windy and cold day, and hypothermia can develop into a very serious risk in these circumstances. We rapidly had more team members on the hill, providing warmth, treatment and pain relief to the casualty before we stretchered the injured lady off the hill.

Once arriving back at the main car park of the Sugarloaf, we were contacted by South & Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team, asking for assistance with a call out they were dealing with in the Cwm Clydach Gorge, a caver had injured their hip just in the entrance to the cave they were visiting. The cave entrance is accessed via a steep path with a severe drop off, so using a simple but effective rope system we were able to protect all those involved but also get the injured gentleman via stretcher up to road to meet the waiting Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust vehicle. This call out was a great example of inter-agency working between Mountain Rescue, Cave Rescue, the Ambulance Service and also South Wales Fire And Rescue.

We wish both casualties a full and speedy recovery.

Callout 28/12/21

Just after 3pm yesterday afternoon the team were contacted by Gwent Police asking for our assistance with an incident on Sugarloaf Mountain, Monmouthshire. While out doing an organised group walk, a lady had slipped on the approach to the summit, resulting in head, chest and wrist injuries. The group were well prepared for the weather conditions, giving initial first aid and shelter, however with the low cloud and rain everyone was fast getting cold. The team were quickly mobilised and on scene, with team medics giving treatment and pain relief to the lady. Once she had been made comfortable and warmed up, the casualty was evacuated via stretcher and a rope system down to the main car park. She was then handed over to our colleagues in the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust for onward travel to hospital.We wish the lady a full and speedy recovery.