The members of the team are committed to the professional service they provide to the emergency services and the community. This commitment not only involves being on call 7 days a week 24 hrs a day, but to the training required to maintain the high professional standards. If you feel you have something to offer we will be happy to hear from you.

Join the Team
How to Join Us

To become a member of Longtown Mountain Rescue Team you must first complete an application form and skills list which are available from the Team Membership Secretary. Although the skills list covers all aspects of mountain rescue, it is designed to give the team an idea of your current level of knowledge, we do not expect you to be proficient in all subjects. As long as you have a basic mountaineering knowledge and you are able to commit yourself to attend regular training sessions the team will teach you the other rescue skills.

If accepted you will be offered prospective membership of the team and you will be allocated a full team member as a "buddy". The "buddy" will be responsible for making sure that your training needs and concerns are brought to the attention of the training officer, and will coordinate the implementation of your training. This will involve attending the team training sessions which are held three times a month.
Once you have demonstrated, to the satisfaction of the team leader, you are "mountain safe" you will then be eligible to become a probationary member.

During your probationary period you will undergo a number of assessments e.g. day/night navigation, crag skills, knowledge of team equipment and casualty care, which you will have to successfully pass before being offered full membership of the team.