The team members give up their time voluntarily and receive no payment or expenses, however having the equipment, vehicles and support facilities to operate and potentially save lives is an expensive business

Support Us
Raising Funds

We have a fund raising team who co-ordinate our efforts in various ways to raise the necessary funds for us to operate. Throughout the year the team raise funds in many different ways including our annual sponsored event BBMC, attendance at various shows, presentations to local schools organizations and events often involving special challenges for team members. We also rely on the kind generosity of the public for donations and sponsorship.

Ways to Help

Raising funds is a constant requirement with much of the activity being labour and time intensive. If you think you can help by:

• Individual or Corporate Sponsorship
• Hosting a Collection Box
• Inviting us to a large event
• Helping by giving us your time

If you think you can help with raising funds or you have a skill that you think can help in some way and you have the time to volunteer, then please contact the Team Fund-raising Group.


Donations can be made through the JustGiving website. We have a dedicated page that allows you to make an online donation via a secure site. The extra advantage of donating through JustGiving is if you are a UK taxpayer they will claim your giftaid contribution on your behalf which will automatically increase your donation. Click on the JustGiving logo to check out our JustGiving page.

Another way to donate is through Giftaid, the Inland Revenue have a simple system which enables charities to gain additional tax relief on donations made by individuals.
Providing you pay an annual amount of income/capital gains tax Longtown Mountain Rescue Team can claim an additional 25% of the value of your donation from the taxman if you complete and return the Giftaid form

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